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   actors Headshots

The magic of photography is metaphysical. What you see in the photograph isn't what you saw at the time. The real skill of photography is organised visual lying."
-Terence Donovan

“Of what use are lens and light to   those who lack in mind and sight? 

– Anonymous

The comfort of a subject says a lot about the spirit of the photographer”

“You are responsible for every part.     of your image, even the parts                 you’re not interested in.” 

 -Jay Maisel


Thank you for selecting me amongst the so many talented photographers in New York to create your new headshot images that may happen to change your life. I'd Like to say that I specialize in photographing people in a studio and natural environment that’s comfortable for the best results. Actors Theatrical and Commercial Headshots, High-end Portraits, Album Covers, High Fashion Model testing, Music Concerts, and Commercial Print Lifestyle images is what I love to do. Please read through this thoroughly and follow up with any questions. 

 I like to refer to my studio…as that of an “Environment” rather than a “Photo Studio”. The studio is quite comfortable, not at all like the white walls intimidating studios you may be accustomed to.


My Headshots are not the usual cookie cutter sessions. What I mean by that is. Everyone is an individual, that should be of vital importance when you are presenting your photo to someone who my change your life, because your picture is so much individually you. I’m known to theme my sessions by “THAT THING”. THAT THING is about attitude, expressions, funny, crazy and just letting go.

Can I do my session outdoors

Yes! As a matter of fact, I love shooting on location weather depending. This helps with the mood and gives you a one of a kind images. One thing I like to think of which is the environment of the studio. I have created a very comfortable environment because comfort is the key!





Will There be a Make-up Artist Available? Yes! A professional make-up artist is available at all times. Please inform me if you have a Makeup Artist you like and use who is experienced in makeup for Photography. Fees for makeup is separate from the session fee. Please inquire for makeup. These images are your tools to get you booked!! I do highly recommend that a professional makeup artist be used for the best results.




THE TECHNIQUE:  I use for creating some of the most sought after headshot images is pretty high-tech with the camera tethered to the computer monitor allowing you to see images live as the session is progressing along. This allows us to re-take, make clothing or make-up changes if necessary and edit in real time if necessary. This becomes the canvas, and next we apply the paint. (Simple Basic Retouching) I will absolutely will not change any elements of your facial structure. 

This is very important:

The night prior to your shoot, please be sure to get a goodnight of sleep, 

and drink plenty of water. 

In addition, I have found that a quick and easy breathing exercises will help calm and relax you. I'm a practicing Martial Artist and believe in calming breath exercises. 

Choice of Clothing: 

In regard to “WHAT” wardrobe to bring?  You should bring clothes that fit you, nothing baggy or wrinkled, no busy patterns, logos or designs, stripes or floral prints. The colors should be bright and work well with your skin tone. I think it’s best that long sleeves are better for headshots because more skin can distract…I want all attention to go to your face, especially the eyes. Please think seriously about your wardrobe, try to keep it trendy. I also encourage creativity by bringing props, Boxing Gloves, Flowers, microphone (if you sing), any type of accessories you may want to bring. It’s always better to bring more choices. What I started doing and that works well for both of us. Please send me a photo of the outfitts you choose for the session. 


Latest Photos

Please forward me your most current photo so I can get an idea of your facial structure, skin tone and hair. I can always come up with some ideas that may surprise you, of course in a good way, with elements that are just everyday real people concepts. 

Available for your comfort :


Herbal teas 

Mushroom Coffee 

Good vibes 

No stress 

Good conversation 

Music is something I add as a means to get you to let go, release, and get comfortable so I can bring out  

“THAT THING”...That thing is you and all your silliness, That Thing is your reaction to things I say to you, That thing is shaking your head being crazy, That Thing is being outside of normal. 

Enjoy a nice cup of Herbal Tea and experience a relaxing breathing exercise to boot!

Scheduling Appointment: 

Prior to being scheduled for a session on the studio calendar a 50% non-refundable deposit is required. Final payment is due the day of the session.

Quick Head Shot 

1 Change of Clothing  


Basic Session 

The basic session includes: 3 Clothing Changes 

2 Lifestyle Scenarios 

1 Commercial Headshot 

3 Final post-processed basic retouched images 

$550.00 + tax

Balance to be paid day of the shoot


Pro Session 

 (3) Clothing Changes

(2)Lifestyle Scenarios

(1) Commercial Headshot

(3) Final post-processed basic retouched images

(1 )Video Introduction slate

$600 + tax

Slick Video Slate 

Introduction video slate



Intro slate you should make sure you have something prepared!










Video Reels 

Must be negotiated and planned!

 Portfolio Session 

5 Clothing Changes 

2 Lifestyle Scenarios 

3 Commercial Headshot 

5 Final post-processed basic retouched images 

1 Video Slate 


Balance must be paid in full to get the session link to view images.

Payment can be made by several methods to include: 



Cash App. 


Upon completion of the session I will do a complete edit of all the best images from each set.  

ALL BAD images I feel are not a good representation of you will be deleted from the session. I do a very tight edit to provide you with the best of the best images. Out of focus and technical lighting tests will be deleted!!  

If you decide that you want “ALL” the high Res images…good, bad or out of focus...  

that is a complete buyout which is twice the amount of the session. This is a normal practice for Photographers. My job is to get you the images that best represent you!  

Extra Images aside from the final images according to your session package will be a charge of $25.00 that will also include basic retouching. 

Again If you choose the package with the Video Slate, I suggest that you have something prepared.  I cannot stress enough the importance!

The session will usually take approximately 2 1/2 hours depending on the package chosen fun we’re having and the application of makeup.


There will be some BASIC simple retouching to the final Images, which we will discuss. I will not change the structure of the face, remove wrinkles (Character), or change body structure. I will forward you info for a re-toucher other then simple basic clean-ups. 


When will photos be available? 

I will sit with you after completing the session. I shoot with my computer connected to the camera so everything is in real time so that we can look at each photo together along with the makeup artist to see if we are going in the right direction with your approval. These quick test shots will give us an idea of how the make-up looks, lighting and clothing. Upon the completion of the session, within 4 days you will receive a gallery of the images sent to you via WeTransfer.

I must ask that no images be posted online without post processing by me or my staff. The reason...I’m very adamant about this, because it's my reputation at hand...I ask that you please respect that. 

Plenty of Parking available at the studio location! 

Studio address:  

144-37 25th  drive,  Flushing, NY 11354.

Studio: 929-275-8233

Thank You! 

Mychal Watts (USMC Veteran) 

Support our troops 

IG: MychalWatts





























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